Application of Teflon Fabric in Solar Laminator

The “Paris Agreement” is the most important environmental agreement signed by modern human society. Signing countries promise to achieve carbon neutrality within a certain period of time. Many industries are using clean energy. Among them, solar energy is more and more widely used. Many solar companies are developing new technologies to improve the efficiency of solar energy conversion and reduce energy storage costs.

Teflon Fabric can withstand high temperatures, while having non-stick and anti-static properties. Engineers in solar power plants have widely used Teflon Fabric in their equipment to replace traditional materials.

Application of Teflon Fabric in Solar Laminator

  • How to use Teflon fabric of solar laminator

Prepare 4 sheets of Teflon Fabric in the laminator, the role of heat resistance Teflon glass fabric is to isolate the melted EVA and stick it to the upper chamber rubber plate and the heating plate of the laminator. Once the EVA sticks to the rubber sheet or heating plate, it will be difficult to remove.

After each use, do not reuse it immediately, but put the used heat resistance Teflon glass fabric aside and wait for the Teflon fabric to cool down. The surface of Teflon Fabric is non-sticky, and the EVA on the Teflon cloth can be easily and completely removed.

If the EVA on the Teflon Fabric cannot be completely removed, the EVA will stick to the battery module glass when it is used again. The EVA at this time will leave EVA particles on the glass no matter what cleaning is used. When the solar panel is used outdoors, these EVA particles will re-melt and stick to the glass. And absorb the dust on the glass. The dust cannot be removed. Sometimes dust will block the battery, which will cause a long-term hot spot effect.

  • Attenions of using Teflon fabric in solar laminator

Before cutting the Teflon Fabric and installing it on the machine, please try to keep the surface of the heat resistance Teflon glass fabric as flat as possible without wrinkles, otherwise it will cause creases on the laminated surface and affect the service life!

In use, if there is EVA glue or other residue on the surface of the Teflon cloth, just wipe it with a semi-damp cotton cloth!

The color of heat resistance Teflon glass fabric of different batches may be different. This is normal, but it will not affect the quality of the product, nor will it affect the use!

Due to the special properties of Teflon Fabric, more and more industries are beginning to try to use it to replace traditional materials. We are a factory specializing in the development and production of Teflon cloth. Contact our engineer at for professional technical guidance.