PTFE coated fabrics and PTFE film with and with adhesive are used in aircraft industry because of its properties such as high temperature resistance, low coefficient of friction, low dielectric constant, inflammability and quick release.

Aerospace Applications

For Aircraft Composite Vacuum Bagging

Porous PTFE Coated Fiberglass
Porous PTFE Coated Fiberglass is coated with a thin PTFE layer which formulate a porous fabric. This porous fabric is known as peel ply in aircraft industry, used as a barrier between the composite and vacuum bagging materials in order to control the resin content of a laminate when vacuum bagging, excess resin is drawn through the porous material and trapped air between layers be removed during vacuum bagging process. A lightly woven fabric texture will remain on the surface of the laminate.

For Aircraft Composite Mold Release

PTFE Adhesive Sheet
PTFE adhesive sheet offers smooth and excellent release property, backing adhesive is pressure sensitive silicone adhesive which will increase stickiness under high temperature and do not leave adhesive residual after use. The tape will create a nonstick surface for composite mold release of a helicopter blade, aircraft radomes, aircraft wings and boat hulls. The tape is reinforced with fiberglass fabric which makes it tear-resistant and easy for replacing.

For Cable and Wire Protection

Adhesive Backed PTFE Film
Wire and cable in aircraft are in high-temperature condition, adhesive-backed PTFE film tape can resist high temperature up to 260℃(500℉) and the material is flame retardant, good for wire and cable wrapping, and as protection for vacuum tool.

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