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Automotive Interior

PTFE coated fiberglass combine nonstick property of PTFE with exceptional strength of glass fabric, make it well suitable as release sheet during the production of automotive composite materials to increase productivity and better quality of finishing. The material also used for demoulding of some plastic panels like SMC, GMT and RMT.

Automotive Interior Applications

For Tyre Cord Fabric Manufacturing

Self-adhesive PTFE Tape
Self-adhesive PTFE tape MT7013AJ is used as a nonstick cover sheet on the drum during the production of tire cord fabrics. PTFE tape can resist high temperature and provide excellent release property because of its nonstick surface, the material is also chemical resistant, chemicals used in the production won’t corrode the tape. The tape is backed with high-quality silicone adhesive, glue will not residual on the drum when peel off to replace a new one. You don’t need to clean the messy drum anymore.

For Heat Press And Mold Release Of Automotive Interior

PTFE Coated Glass Fabric
PTFE Coated Glass Fabric is long time use under high temperature below 260 ℃(500℉) and provide excellent release property which make the material well applied in heat press laminating machine and compression molding machine for mold release of automotive parts such as hoods, fenders, scoops, spoilers, as well as smaller more intricate parts. This nonstick fabric with smooth surface ensures the product attains good shape.

For Plastic And Rubber Extrusion

PTFE Fiberglass Belt
PTFE fiberglass belt is ideal for PI, PV, PE and rubber extrusion, vulcanizing and cooling process. The belt transports the rubber straightly from the extrusion head to curing oven, and then come out for cooling. The belt is heat resistant, chemical resistant and nonstick, the surface of our PTFE fiberglass belt is smooth which helps to improve the surface of extruded plastics. We recommend using our PTFE mesh belt for the cooling process because the mesh hole will increase heat dissipation.

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