PTFE fiberglass fabric adhesive and non-adhesive are high temperature resistant, good release surface and superior electric insulation and chemical resistant property, which makes it suitable applied in electronic industry for FPCB lamination, wire protection and low friction lining of high-speed printers.

Electronics Applications

For Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB) Laminating

PTFE Fiberglass Fabric
PTFE fiberglass fabric contains a high level of PTFE resin which provides a glossy and smooth surface. Applied in a multistage heat press machine, the nonstick surface provides excellent release under the heat press temperature about 160℃ to 180 ℃. This laminating process requires the release film to be very smooth without any scratch or dent on the surface, otherwise, they will be transferred to the product after pressure. Recommend our MT9015AJ which is in thickness of 0.15mm.

For Wire And Cables Protection

Self Adhesive PTFE Film
Self-adhesive PTFE film offers high dielectric strength and insulation resistance and in the meantime withstand very low and high temperature, which makes it suitable for wrapping wires and electrical coil in the aerospace industry and oil industry. There are two types of self-adhesive PTFE film: self-adhesive PTFE film with silicone adhesive which can be long-time use under temperature of 260℃ and PTFE tape with acrylic adhesive which can be long time use after temperature of 150℃.

For High Speed Printers As Low Friction Linings

PTFE fabric liner
PTFE fabric liner is cut to special shape as a low friction lining used in high-speed printer, this linear glide bearing component is requested to be high temperature resistant and the most important abrasion-resistant and tear-resistant. Mutiflon provides PTFE fabric liner specially designed for printers which is made of tear-resistant glass fiber, it will increase a lot of lifetime of the lining.

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