PTFE coated fiberglass cloth is typically applied in the packaging industry: customize PTFE belts band sealer for napkin packaging, making into heat resistant PTFE tape for poly bag sealing. The material can be long time use under temperature of 260 ℃(500℉), and provides very quick and superior release property, will protect both packaging film and sealing machines.

Packaging Applications

For High Speed Tissue Packing Machine

PTFE Conveyor Belt
PTFE conveyor belt is high temperature resistant and providing non-stick surface which meets the requirements of high speed packing machine for napkin and tissue roll. The belt helps to make the sealing part smooth, protect the packing machine and improve production output. Normally there will be metal guiding studs along the edge of the belt in order to make the belt running in the center. Seamless belt and laminated belts are also available.

For Bag Sealing Machine

PTFE Belts Band Sealer
PTFE band sealer is made by PTFE coated fabric, normally there are two types of belts used in this industry: PTFE sealing belt with overlap joint and two-ply PTFE belts. The with joint type made by one layer of PTFE coated fabric in thickness of 0.08mm, 0.13mm or 0.25mm, two ends of the belt are overlap by hot sealed to make the belt endless, normally overlap part is in 25mm and the joint area will be thicker. Two-ply belt is also called laminated belt which is made by two layer of fabric laminated together, the belt will be more durable, higher tensile strength and longer lifetime, the joint part is the same thickness as other parts of belt.

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