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Plastics and Polymer

Plastics and polymer material play essential and ubiquitous roles in everyday life such as thermoplastic foams, synthetic rubber and plastic bag. PTFE coated belts are applied for the curing process of form molding and rubber extrusion, our belt can be longer time use under temperature of 260 ℃(500℉) due to its quality coating and strong basic fiberglass fabric.

Plastics and Polymer Applications

For PVC Window Welding

PTFE Adhesive Backed Sheet
PVC window frames are connected by welding process on single point welders, 2 point welders, or 4 point welders under high temperature, PTFE adhesive-backed sheet is applied to weld platen, the tape turns the surface of platen into non-stick, in this case, melted PVC will not stick on the welder and in the meantime protect welders and reduce machine maintenance.

For Rubber Extrusion

PTFE Endless Belt
In rubber extrusion process the rubber is forced through a die of the desired section under pressure from an extruder. Then, the rubber part normally must be vulcanized before it is usable. Our PTFE endless belt is ideal to take the rubber from curing oven, the belt is made by PTFE fabric heavy coating which makes the belt glossy smooth surface and longer lifetime. Rubber extruded profiles will not stick on the belt and help to maintain its shape and acquire necessary physical properties.

For Plastic Panel Demolding

PTFE Cloth For Heat Press
GMT and Honeycomb panel is advanced material used to make automotive interior components such as headliner, door panel trim, trunk floor carpet, seatback panel because it is lightweight, more durable, impact resistance, high loading capacity, waterproof and corrosion resistance. MUTIFLON PTFE cloth for a heat press is used during the production of GMT and honeycomb panels as a release sheet, we can provide PTFE cloth with adhesive or non-adhesive according to customer’s request. Our release cloth provides a glossy smooth surface for quick release.

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