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PTFE Adhesive Tape

Heat resistant PTFE tape (heat resistant adhesive tape) is a kind of high-performance PTFE heat sealing tape applied with pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive or acrylic adhesive on one side, the tape provides a good release surface and high heat resistant properties. The heat PTFE tape with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive can resist 500°F and with acrylic adhesive withstand 350°F.
The main advantages of PTFE heat resistant tape include high heat resistant, chemical resistant, excellent release surface, waterproof, weatherproof and superior electrical properties.
Applications of PTFE heat resistant tape are related to laminating, bundling, hot sealing and electric insulation like as covering tape for sizing cylinders for dyeing machine, as heat sealing tape of plastic films for vacuum sealer and impulse sealer, as laminating sheet for laminating machines of, as covering sheet for friction areas of hoppers, chutes and guide rails, as insulation coverings of wire connections.
As one of the best PTFE tape manufacturers in China, MUTIFLON can supply you with any high heat resistant PTFE tape.

PTFE Fabric Tape

PTFE Adhesive Tape is applied with pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive which will offer strong stickiness to high heat surfaces, the PTFE heat tape can tolerate consist temperature from -100° to 500°F (-73° to 260°C). Basic woven fiberglass fabric offers high tensile strength and dimension stability. PTFE adhesive tape can be with or without yellow release liner on the back according to customer’s requests. MUTIFLON also offers brown PTFE tape and superior PTFE adhesive tape which can withstand consistent temperature up to 300°C and there will be no residual adhesive left on the machine by using this PTFE heat seal tape.

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PTFE Film Tape

PTFE film tape is made of virgin PTFE film coated with silicone adhesive or acrylic adhesive on one side. The pure PTFE tape is ideal for use on tooling blocks and other areas where high elongation and release is needed.

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PTFE Zone Tape

PTFE zone tape is with adhesive along the edges and adhesive-free on the center. This heat resistant sealing tape is designed for impulse sealers to offer adhesion on the machine while preventing adhesive sticking to the heating element.

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Mutiflon Featured Products

We supply a variety of PTFE Coated Fabrics. We focus on the quality and price of the PTFE Coated Fabrics.

PTFE Coated Fabrics FAQs

What is PTFE?

A:PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (PTFE) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene, it was firstly developed by Dupont™ in a brand name of Teflon®, PTFE is used as a non-stick coating and provide chemical corrosion resistant, friction reduction and high heat resistance.

How long are the length of PTFE coated fabrics rolls?

A:Normal length of our rolls are 30m, 50m or 100m. Special arrangements can be made for longer or shorter length rolls, please contact us.

How wide are the PTFE coated fabrics?

A:It is depend on the thickness of PTFE coated fabrics. Normally max width is 2600mm, small width like 20mm, 50mm can easy to cut. For the PTFE coated open mesh type, max width reach to 4000mm. Please contact us for more info.

Do you have a minimum order amount?

A:Yes, normally we have $100.00 minimum order for PTFE coated fabrics, PTFE adhesive tapes and PTFE conveyor belts.

How is your PTFE Coating?

A:Mutiflon uses PTFE in the form of water-based (aqueous) dispersion to coat glass fibre cloth (usually referred to as glass cloth, or simply “glass”), Kevlar® and woven wire. This high performance substrates support the polymer additional dimension stability and mechanical strength. Only materials which stand the very high processing and application temperatures can be coated. A variety of techniques can be used in processing to improve the tear strength and resistance to creasing of the finished fabric, provide conductivity (anti-static properties), or resistance to oil and fats.

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