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Adhesive PTFE Acrylic Tape

Adhesive PTFE acrylic tape, heat resistant with quick release surface

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The Details of Adhesive PTFE Acrylic Tape

PTFE tape acrylic adhesive is a kind of heat resistant tape, the tape is impregnated with high level PTFE PTFE coating which offers nonstick surface and superior releasing function, basic fiberglass cloth is made by quality weaving machine imported from German, provides high tensile strength and dimension stable. Pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive resist extreme temperature up to 150℃, suitable for some application in medium temperature for food packaging, plastic bag making and electric wire wrapping.


The Advantages of Adhesive PTFE Acrylic Tape

  • Smooth and slippery surface, quick release

  • Primary acrylic adhesive for better initial adhesion

  • Electrical insulation

  • Cost effective than silicone adhesive tape

  • Nonstick surface help to protect packaging material and sealing machines

  • Any size can be slit or die-cut

  • Withstand temperature to 170°C (338° F)

  • Abstain from all chemicals

  • Non-toxic and FDA compliant, can be used in food industry

The Specifications of Adhesive PTFE Acrylic Tape

Item Code Coating Adhesive Fabric Thickness Overall Thickness Normal Width(mm) Normal Length Temperature resist
7008AC PTFE Acrylic 0.08mm 0.13mm 13,19,25,50 10m, 33m -73-260℃
7013AC 0.13mm 0.18mm

The Applications of Adhesive PTFE Acrylic Tape

PTFE Tape with acrylic adhesive is mainly used in packaging industry for wide range of packing ways such as shrink film packaging, blister packaging, form and fill packing. Common width include 13mm (1/2″), 19mm(3/4″), 25mm(1″), 50mm(2″), and length 10m or 33m per roll. The tape is used as a barrier between heating element and packaging material, provides quick heat transfer to make seal quickly and offers nonstick surface which prevent melted film being stick to the machine.

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