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0.18mm Adhesive Backed PTFE Sheet

Adhesive-backed PTFE sheet, non-stick and abrasion-resistant surface under high heat

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The Details of Adhesive Backed PTFE Sheet

Adhesive-backed PTFE sheet is made from PTFE fabric with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive on one side, the PTFE tape adhesive backed is a kind of PTFE sticky tape and it can resist temperature from -73-260℃. With heavy coating PTFE, this PTFE fiberglass tape offers optimal release property, overall thickness includes adhesive is 0.23mm, normally used as release sheet for the hot plate of laminating machine and as covering sheet for the rollers of dying machine and packaging machine. The adhesive-backed PTFE tape is normally coming out with yellow release paper on the back and different sizes can be slit and die-cut.


The Advantages of Adhesive Backed PTFE Sheet

  • Weather and aging resistant

  • Withstand wide temperature range from -73-260°C(- 100- 500°F)

  • 100% non-stick surface, easy to clean various grease, pastes, resins, paints

  • Abstain from almost all chemicals, acid and organic solvents

  • High insulation performance and low dielectric constant

  • Non- combustible

  • No residual adhesive on machine, easy to clean

  • High tensile strength, low coefficient of friction

  • UV, Infra-Red and microwave resistance

  • L ow Thermal Expansion: < 5%

  • FDA approved, can be used in the food industry

MUTIFLON is a professional self-adhesive PTFE tape/sheet manufacturer. We can supply you with high-quality self-adhesive backed PTFE tape/sheet. If you want to learn more about our PTFE PTFE sheet, contact us today!

The Applications of Adhesive Backed PTFE Sheet

As covering on the cylinder of various laminating machines
as covering and release sheet on the cylinder in production of hook and loop
Cover rotary drum in production of tyre cord fabric
Stick on the floor to catch silicone oil drip during FPCB production
Stick on a hot plate for UPVC window welding
As mold release sheet on foaming mold machine

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