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High Temperature PTFE Tape 0.20mm

High-Temperature PTFE Tape, with nonstick and abrasion-resistant surface, perfect for releasing under high heat.

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Detail of High-Temperature PTFE Tape

High-Temperature PTFE Tape is constructed by fiberglass cloth which is weaved by German weaving machine, the fabric provides high strength and dimensional stability. Both sides impregnated with high level of PTFE PTFE coating which provides nonstick surface, high heat resistance and superior releasing function. Silicone adhesive on one side offers strong adhesion during high heat.


The Advantage of High-Temperature PTFE Tape

  • Temperature rating from -73-260 °C(- 100-500F)

  • Nonstick and release surface

  • Quality silicone adhesive without residual after using

  • Superior mechanical property with high tensile strength

  • Smooth and abrasion-resistant surface

  • High insulation performance

  • Strong chemical corrosion resistance

  • Food contact approval

Structure of High-Temperature PTFE Tape:

The Specification of High-Temperature PTFE Tape

Item Code Material Fabric Thickness Total Thickness Normal Width(mm) Normal Length Temperature resist
7020AJ PTFE, Fiberglass 0.20mm 0.25mm 300,400,1000 30m, 33m, 50m -73-260℃

Datasheet of 7020AJ High-Temperature PTFE Tape

Product Adhesive Coating Material


Standard Width 1000mm, 1250mm 39inches, 49inches
Fabric Thickness 0.20mm 0.0079inches
Overall Thickness 0.25mm 0.0098inches
Fabric Weight 410g/m2 12.10 oz/sq yd
Adhesion 6.0 N/cm 55 oz/inch
Temperature Resistance -73-260℃ -100-500℉

The Application of High-Temperature PTFE Tape

For poly bag and shrink film sealing: High-Temperature PTFE Tape act as a protective barrier to hot wire contacts on shrink wrap equipment, the tape withstands temperature range up to 500℉. The thicker tape like 7025AJ is placed over the heating wire in order to provide double protection when contact with the heat sealer.

As covering sheet for roller and drum of dying machine and laminating machine: High temperature PTFE tape in thickness of 0.30mm is always with a yellow peel off release liner, the tape is convenient to be applied on roller and make its surface nonstick, stain and product material will not stick on the drum, save a lot of cleaning time.

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