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PTFE Adhesive Tape 0.08mm

PTFE Adhesive Tape, provide non-stick surface under high temperature for hot sealing and heat press

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The Details of PTFE Adhesive Tape

PTFE Adhesive Tape is made of PTFE coated fiberglass backed with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. Adhesive backed PTFE sheet provides excellent release surface, high temperature and chemical resistant, it can resist temperature up to 260℃.The backing silicone adhesive is pressure sensitive silicone adhesive imported from Dow Corning which offers high stickiness during high temperature while no residual on machine when peeling off.


The Advantage of PTFE Adhesive Tape

  • High temperature proof from -73-260 ℃(-100-500℉)

  • Smooth and slippery surface, quick release

  • High quality basic fiberglass fabric offers high tensile strength

  • Good chemical corrosion resistant

  • Non-toxic and FDA compliant, safety used in food industry

  • Primary silicone adhesive without residual when replacing

  • Nonstick surface help to protect packaging material and sealing machines

The Structure of PTFE Adhesive Tape

The Specification of PTFE Adhesive Tape

Item Code Material Total Thickness Total Thickness Max Width Normal Length Temperature Range
7008AJ PTFE, Fiberglass, Silicone 0.08mm 0.13mm 1250mm 30m, 33m, 50m -70-260℃

Datasheet of 7008AJ Self AdhesivePTFE Tape

Product Basic Material Coating Material
Standard Width 1000mm, 1250mm 39inches, 49inches
Basic Fabric Thickness 0.08mm 0.003inches
Overall Thickness 0.13mm 0.002inches
Basic Fabric Weight 155g/m2 4.57 oz/sq yd
Tensile Strength 104 N/cm Warp 59.5 lbs/inches Warp
98 N/cm Weft 56 lbs/inches Weft
Adhesion 4.4 N/cm 40 oz/inch
Temperature Resistance -73-260℃ -100-500℉

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The Application of PTFE Adhesive Tape

Typical application of PTFE adhesive tape is for plastic bag sealing used on L bar sealers, form and fill sealers, impulse sealers and blister packing machines. The manual impulse sealer normally use PTFE adhesive tape in width of 1/2″, the tape is stick under the heating element. The L bar sealers normally use 3/4″ width tapes to protect both plastic film and sealing machines. MT7008AJ is suitable for this application

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