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PTFE Cloth Tape 0.08mm

PTFE cloth tape, nonstick and heat resistant, designed for heat sealing

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The Details of PTFE Cloth Tape

PTFE cloth tape in thickness of 0.08mm without release paper is our code MT7008AJ, normally in narrow width like 1/2”, 3/4”, 1-1/2”, 2” to fit heating element of sealers, this PTFE tape withstand high temperature max to 500℉(260℃) and offers excellent quick release surface. Comparing with normal heat resistant rapes, our PTFE tape will not leave residual adhesive on the machine when peeling off for replacing new tape.


The Advantages of PTFE Cloth Tape

  • High temperature proof from -73-260 ℃(-100-500℉)

  • Smooth and slippery surface, quick release

  • High quality basic fiberglass fabric offers high tensile strength

  • Good chemical corrosion resistant

  • Non-toxic and FDA compliant, safety used in food industry

  • Primary silicone adhesive without residual when replacing

  • Nonstick surface help to protect packaging material and sealing machines

The Specifications of PTFE Cloth Tape

Structure of PTFE cloth tape
PTFE cloth tape is structured by woven glass fiber fabric, coating with PTFE and apply with silicone adhesive on one side
Width of PTFE cloth tape
Width of our jumbo roll is 1000mm (39”) and 1250mm(49”), we can cut any narrow width according to customer’s request.
Length of PTFE tape
Normal length is 10m, 30m, 33m(36yards), 50m. Any other length can be cut.
Thickness of PTFE cloth tape
Fabric thickness 0.08mm and overall thickness 0.13mm

BAG Thickness (uM) Recommended Heat Sealer Setting
35 1
50 2-3
75 2-3
100 2-3
150 3-4

The Applications of PTFE Cloth Tape

PTFE cloth tape is used as a covering sheet on heat seal jaws to prevent plastic films from sticking to the band as well as cover the silicone elastomer on the opposing jaw. When you apply the tape, make sure the adhesive is 1/4″-1/2″ past the machine on both ends to prevent heating element from direct contact with the sealer’s body. Set the sealer’s temperature range according to below instruction, put the poly bag on the heating area, press the sealer.

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