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PTFE Film Tape

PTFE film tape is PTFE skived film with silicone adhesive-backed, PTFE film offers low friction and nonstick surface as well as excellent high-temperature resistance to 260°C and chemical inert property. Backing adhesive is pressure sensitive silicone adhesive which provides strong adhesion during high temperature while clean removal from various surfaces with no residue.

Compare with PTFE glass cloth tape , PTFE PTFE film tape has much better dielectric insulation and wear-resistant property, which makes it withstand more applications.

Types Of PTFE Film Tape

Details of PTFE Film Tape

PTFE film tape is often applied as a cover where require non-stick surface during high temperature, as a release surface on packaging equipment and heat sealing machine, roll wrappings on plastic extrudes, for mold release in composite bonding, wrapping web rollers to reduce friction, as surface covers to reduce noise.

Item Code Color Adhesive Type Max Width


Fabric Thickness (mm) Total Thickness (mm) Temperature

(°C )

MT F7009C White/Red/Yellow/Blue/Black/Brown Acrylic 300 0.08mm 0.16mm -40 ~ +170
MT F7013C Black Acrylic 300 0.11mm 0.18mm -40 ~ +170
MT F7018C Acrylic 300 0.11mm 0.18mm -40 ~ +170

Different Colors Of Skived PTFE Film Tape

PTFE film tape can also be coated with high-temperature acrylic adhesive on one side, acrylic adhesive is more suitable for applications in relatively lower temperature between -40 ~ +170°C such as wrapping cables in the oil industry. PTFE film tape also is made into various colors such as white, red, yellow, blue, black in order to distinguish the different functions of cables and wires.

Item Code Color Adhesive Type Max Width


Fabric Thickness (mm) Total Thickness (mm) Adhesion to steel Temperature

(°C )

MT F7008 Grey Silicone 300 0.03mm 0.08mm ≥13N/4mm -70 ~ +260
MT F7013 Grey Silicone 300 0.08mm 0.13mm ≥13N/4mm -70 ~ +260
MT F7018 Grey Silicone 300 0.13mm 0.18mm ≥13N/4mm -70 ~ +260

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