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Skived PTFE Tape

Skived PTFE Tape, backed with acrylic adhesive, provide strong adhesion and release surface under high temperature

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The Details of Skived PTFE Tape

Skived PTFE tape also called Virgin PTFE film tape provides a low-friction and non-stick surface ideal for applications where need high-dielectric in high-temperature. Using Skived PTFE film as basic material, the skived tape is non-stick, high heat resistant and impervious to almost all chemical attacks, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive is applied on one side to make is self-adhesive and easy to install. The skived PTFE tape provides long lifetime under high temperature up to 170℃(338℉). Different colors can be customized in order to identify cable and pipes in the electric and oil industry.


The Advantage of Skived PTFE Tape

  • Skived PTFE flm tape provides better dielectric strength

  • PSA adhesive offers strong adhesion

  • Self-adhesive tape for easy installing

  • Waterproof and zero permeabiity

  • Operated temperature up to 170°C(338″F)

  • Superior release surface

  • L ow friction provide abrasion resistance

  • Excellent chemicals resistant

  • Non-Combustible, Self Extinguishing

Structure of Skived PTFE Tape

Specifications of Skived PTFE Tape

Item Code Material Overall Thickness(mm) Color Width(mm) Length(m) Temperature resist
FS7006 PTFE Film,Silicone adhesive 0.06 Gray, Black,Yellow,Red 10, 13, 19, 25, 50, 100, 300 10, 30, 33 170C
FS7008 0.08
FS7013 0.13
FS7018 0.18

The Application of Skived PTFE Tape

High heat wire bundling
Cable wrap of submersible pumps
L abeling machine pressure pads
Aircraft mold release and guide rails
Shielding and protecting against chemicals
Protect rubber tooling mandrels from resin attack in aerospace, extend tool life and reduce cost
As gasket, expansion joint liners and slide bearing due to is low friction surface

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