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PTFE Heat Sealing Tape

PTFE heat seal tape, nonstick and heat resistant, enhance the life of heat seal band

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The Details of PTFE Heat Sealing Tape

PTFE heat seal tape also called PTFE zone tape is PTFE glass tape with custom-sized strips of adhesive on the edge and non-adhesive in the center. The adhesive part can be with pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive which resists temperature 500°F or acrylic adhesive which withstand heat to 350°F. The heat seal tape is perfect for heat sealing equipment that uses a flexible nichrome ribbon wire heating element, it is applied as a covering sheet on the heat seal bands to prevent the hot plastic material from sticking to the band as well as over the silicone elastomer on the opposing jaw.


The Advantage of PTFE Heat Sealing Tape

  • Temperature Ratingup to 500° F/ 260° C

  • Widely used for packaging, heat molding, laminating, sealing and electrical industries

  • Ildeal for heat sealing, the jumbo roll is good for roller wrap

  • Excellent dimensional stability, tensile strength and durability

  • High heat resistant

  • Superior chemical inert

  • Outstanding hydrophobic and dielectric properties

  • Non-adhesive zone size can be customized

Specification of PTFE Heat Sealing Tape

Item Code Material Center Thickness(mm) Overall Thickness(mm) Total Width(mm) Adhesive Width(mm) Free Width(mm) Temperature resist
FZ7008 PTFE, Fiberglass 0.08 0.13 40 10 20 -73-260℃
50 15 20
FZ7013 0.13 0.18 40 10 20
50 38 12
Any size can be customized

The Applications of PTFE Heat Sealing Tape

PTFE heat sealing tape is designed for impulse heat sealers, this industrial zone tape is with a free zone in the center which allows faster heat transfer through the tape to plastic bags, impulse heat sealing wires and ribbons are free to expand and contract without being encumbered by adhesive. The heat-sealable tape is with adhesive strips along the two edges which will make it easier to install, no need for mechanical fastening.

Operate temperature of the adhesive part is from -100°F to +500°F (-73-260℃), while the zone part withstands higher temperature from -100°F to 572°F(-73-300℃).

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