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Porous PTFE Coated Fabrics

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The Details of Porous PTFE Coated Fabric Sheet

Porous PTFE coated fabric sheet is made of tear-resistant glass fabric cloth impregnated with specially formulated PTFE resin. The fabric is specially controlled during the impregnating process to be breathable while at the same time, maintaining its superior non-stick property. Woven fiberglass offers excellent mechanical property, porous surfaces allow excess resin, volatiles, and trapped air to escape into the breather during the curing process. The material is with visible texture makes it perfect as an embossment sheet during the manufacture of polymers and composite fabrication. Mutiflon offers porous PTFE coated fabric in various thicknesses from 30 microns to 900 microns.


The Advantage of Porous PTFE Coated Fabric Sheet

  • Unique permeability

  • Nonstick surface, superior release property

  • Provide release from all conventional resin

  • Continuous working in temperature to 260℃/550°F

  • Chemicals corrosion resistant

  • Controlled permeability

  • High tensile strength

  • Flexible and dimension stable

  • Tear-resistant and abrasion resistance

  • Textured surface, suitable to the application requires grains impact

  • Microwave, infrared, and UV resistant

The Specifications of Porous PTFE Coated Fabric Sheet

Product code Color Max Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Weight(g/m2) PTFE Content(%) Tensile Strength(N/cm)
MT006P Beige 1250 0.06 66 32 100/92
MT013P Brown 1250 0.115 138 20 164/160
MT020P Brown 2600 0.2 285 26 460/430
MT032P Brown 2600 0.32 360 25 400/360

The Applications of Porous PTFE Coated Fabric Sheet

Manufacture of silicone rubber sheet
Plastic foams, sponge, and rubber curing
Composite aircraft and wind turbine blade mold release
Release sheets for fabricating glass-resin structures
As of release sheet or made into conveyor belt used during hot pressing process in the production of carbon fiber panels such as carbon fiber laptop
Release sheets for fabricating glass-resin structures
Visible heat seal impressions

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