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PTFE Kevlar Fabric

PTFE Coated Kevlar Mesh, option for applications where need extreme high strength and moisture resistance.

Detail of PTFE Coated Kevlar Fabric

PTFE coated Kevlar mesh is PTFE emulsion impregnated with aramid mesh which offers extreme strength, heavy loading, better wear resistance and much longer life. Although with high tensile strength, Kevlar fabric still being light weigh with good flexibility. Compare with PTFE coated fiberglass mesh, Kevlar mesh offers much higher and long lasting resistance to steam and moisture.

The Advantage of PTFE Coated Kevlar Fabric

Operating temperature from -73-315℃(-100-600℉)
Good permeability which will reduce the heat consumption and improve drying efficiency.
Resistance to bending fatigue, can fit driving rollers in small diameter
Nonstick surface, excellent release property
Light weight and cost effective
Microwave and UV resistant
Extreme strength and longer lifetime
Resist to chemicals such as acid, alkali and organic solvents.
Non-toxic and FDA approval, can contact food directly

The Specification of PTFE Coated Kevlar Fabric

Item Code Color Material Thickness Hole Size Max Width Weight Weft
6010 Yellow Kevlar 1.0mm 4x4mm 400mm 410g/m2 Single

The Application of PTFE Coated Kevlar Fabric

l Make into a conveyor belt for drying of printed product: Print drying machine normally uses UV, Infrared or hot air to dry products like display stands, T-shirts, glass and paper prints.
l Drying cereals, non-woven charcoal interlinings, carpet and carpet tiles, printed circuit boards, and shrink-wrap tunnels.

Structures of PTFE Coated Kevlar Fabric:

Joint Options:
Bullnose joint/Spiral joint/Alligator joint/Clipper joint/Kevlar Hinge joint
Edge Reinforcement:
Guiding studs/Kevlar guide cord/Film reinforcement/Fabric reinforcement

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