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PTFE Mesh Fabric

Introduction of PTFE Fiberglass Mesh Fabric

PTFE fiberglass mesh fabric is also called PTFE open mesh fabrics are made from open mesh woven fiberglass coated with PTFE, the open mesh allows air and heat to pass through quickly to improve drying time. The woven fiberglass fabric provides exceptional strength and stable dimension, PTFE coating is chemically inert, nonstick and temperature resistant from -100°F to +500°F (-73° C to +260°C).
PTFE glass mesh fabric is made into an open mesh conveyor belt for many drying applications like screen printing dryer, textile drying, shrink packing, synthetic yarns heat setting and curing, rubber extrusion cooling.
Comparing to common stainless steel belts, conveyor belt made by PTFE glass mesh fabrics is much lighter and easier to install, and the surface is 100% nonstick and chemically inert.
Comparing to polyester mesh belt, PTFE fiberglass mesh fabrics withstand higher temperatures, normally polyester belt withstands 120°C while PTFE open mesh belt can resist 260°C.

Data Sheet of PTFE Fiberglass Mesh Fabric

Product code Color Max Width


Mesh Size




PTFE Content


Tensile Strength (N/cm)
MT6001 Brown 4000 1×1 440 30 360/330
MT6003 Black 4000 4×4 480 32 270/340
MT6004 Brown 4000 4×4 480 32 270/340
MT6007 Yellow 4000 4×4 570 27 640/460
MT6008 Brown 4000 4×4 570 27.4 360/600
MT6008S Brown 4000 4×4 720 32 504/700
MT6010 Yellow 4000 4×4 720 40 660/410
MT6012 Black 4000 4×4 570 27.4 360/600
MT6013 Brown 4000 10×10 570 28.8 280/200
MT6015 Brown 4000 2×2.5 480 31 446/330
MT6015S Brown 4000 2×2.5 585 31 650/330

PTFE glass mesh fabric is also cut into PTFE mesh sheet used in the food industry for baking, grilling, freezing and dehydrating, the material is food grade and safe to use.

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