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PTFE Screen Mesh for Baking 4*4mm

PTFE Screen Mesh, food grade and create crispy surface

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The Details of PTFE Screen Mesh

PTFE screen mesh is made of fiberglass open mesh impregnated with PTFE resin to achieve superior release, high temperature and chemical resistance features. PTFE mesh weaved by high quality fiberglass yarn to provide high tensile strength, mesh holes can be continuously working under high temperature up to 315℃, 4mmx4mm mesh holes provide nearly 70% open area which makes air flow and improve drying time and efficiency a lot. Mutiflon also offer mesh with other sizes of hole size like 1mm x 1mm, 2mm x 2.5mm, 5mm x 5mm, 10mm x 10mm, the most popular type is 4mm x 4mm. PTFE mesh can be cut into sheets or make into conveyor belts for heat tunnels and freezing processing, the belt is light weight and more flexible than traditional PU belt or stainless steel belt, easy to install and replace.


The Advantage of PTFE Screen Mesh

  • Dimensional stable from -73-315℃(-100-600℉)

  • Mesh holes allow airflow for quicker drying

  • Superior nonstick surface, easy to clean

  • Lightweight and easy to install

  • Superior tracking

  • Cost-effective than stainless belt

  • Microwave and UV, IR resistant

  • Chemical resistant, suit for fluorocarbon resins curing

  • Electrical insulation

  • Non-toxic and FDA compliant

  • Non-flammable

  • Excellent strength and dimension stable

The Specification of PTFE Screen Mesh

Item Code Color Material Thickness Hole Size(mm) Max Width(mm) Weight((g/m2) Weft
6003 Black Fiberglass 1.0mm 4 x 4 4000 450 Single
6004 Brown Fiberglass 1.0mm 4 x 4 4000 450 Single
6004BL Blue Fiberglass 1.0mm 4 x 4 4000 450 Single
6008 Brown Fiberglass 1.0mm 4 x 4 4000 600 Double
6008BL Blue Fiberglass 1.0mm 4 x 4 4000 600 Double
6012 Black Fiberglass 1.0mm 4 x 4 4000 600 Double
6008S Brown Fiberglass 1.2mm 4 x 4 4000 720 Single

The Application of PTFE Screen Mesh

Used as grilling mat for jerky grilling and bread baking for no matter home bakers or food processing factories. Home bakers always require in size of 300x400mm or 400x500mm for baking and grilling, food processing factories normally require in bigger size like 1270x1016mm.

Conveyor belt in drying machine for non-woven textile, textile printing, silk-printing and dyeing
Conveyor belt in shrink packing machine, UV curing machine, UV drying, paper oil drying and plastic printing drying
As screen printing machine dryer
Conveyor belt for food baking like cookies, cereal and bread and quick-frozen machine
Conveyor belt for laminated wood products
Conveyor belt for PVC or rubber-backed carpet drying and curing
As release sheet for glass laminating
As grinding wheel separator

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