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0.55mm Brown/White PTFE Sheet

0.55mm brown/white PTFE sheet, durable, nonstick and heat resistant

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Detail of Brown/White PTFE sheet

PTFE sheet in thickness of 0.02” (0.50mm) is durable and constructed by thick woven fiberglass, then impregnated two sides with PTFE. Color is normally in white or brown. Based on thick woven fiberglass fabric, the material provides ultra high tensile strength, good release surface, dimension stability, and heat resistance, normally required to make into release sheet for lamination machines and customized into PTFE conveyor belts which is ideal for drying machines and baking ovens and dough sheeter.


The Advantage of Brown/White PTFE sheet

  • Withstand temperature between -73-260℃

  • Smooth nonstick surface

  • Wide width range from 1000mm to 2800mm

  • Chemical resistant, can be used in rubber, polymer industry

  • Abrasion resistant, long lifetime

  • Good heat transfer

  • Convenient to use and install

  • Improve production efficiency

  • Cost effective and light weight

Data sheet of 9055A

Product Basic Material Coating Material
Color Brown/White
Standard Width 2500mm, 2780mm 98.4inches, 109.4inches
Thickness 0.60mm 0.024 inches
Coated Weight 1170 g/m2 34.5 oz/sq yd
PTFE Content 50% 50%
Tensile Strength 880 N/cm Warp 500 lbs/inches Warp
840 N/cm Weft 480 lbs/inches Weft
Temperature Resistance -73-260℃ -100-500℉

The Applications of Brown/White PTFE Sheet

PTFE belt made of PTFE fiberglass is ideal to transport soft polymeric materials in the expansion process. The PTFE conveyor belts surface resist to all chemicals and provides nonstick surface, thus the polymeric has no chemical reaction with the belt and will not sticking on the belt.

PTFE conveyor belts are ideal to be used in production of PVC backing carpet. The melted PVC, PU or chemical blown foam will be pulled on the PTFE belt, the belt will transport material to ovens for curing and vulcanization. Our PTFE belting withstand high temperature and runs smooth and stable in the oven.

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