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7mil PTFE Sheet

7mil PTFE sheet offers nonstick surface with superior resistance to high and low temperatures

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The Details of 7mil PTFE sheet

PTFE coated fabrics consist of woven fiberglass fabric coated with PTFE resin, the fabric has a nonstick surface, perform well under temperatures between -100° F to 500° F, the material is also chemical resistant, with high tensile strength and outstanding electrical properties. Typical applications include nonstick covers for paints, adhesives and sizing cylinder, conveyor belt for tortilla pressing.


The Advantages of 7mil PTFE sheet

  • Quick release nonstick surface

  • Wide range temperature resistance -73-260℃(-100-500° F)

  • Do not adhere to anything, nonstick surface

  • Easy to clean, improve work efficiency

  • Chemical corrosion resistant

  • High tensile strength and dimension stable

  • Food grade without toxin, PFOA free

The Specification of 7mil PTFE sheet

Item Code Material Thickness Max Width Normal Length Temperature resist
MT9018AJ PTFE, Fiberglass 0.18mm 1250mm 30m, 33m, 50m, 100m -73-260℃

The Data of 7mil PTFE sheet

Product Basic Material Coating Material
Standard Width 1000mm, 1250mm 39.5, 49.3inches
Thickness 0.18mm 0.007inches
Coated Weight 370g/m2 10.90 oz/sq yd
PTFE Content 55% 55%
Tensile Strength 350 N/cm Warp 200 lbs/inches Warp
310 N/cm Weft 177 lbs/inches Weft
Temperature Resistance -73-260℃ -100-500℉

The Applications of 7mil PTFE sheet

In food industry for tortilla pressing: PTFE coated fabrics is made into a conveyor belt installed under the hot platen, the platen compresses dough on the belt to create tortilla crust, Heavy duty PTFE coating provides the best release and abrasion resistance. Normally one production line need two belts, one small top belt and another longer bottom belt.

In automotive industry for thermal lamination – Some car component part is laminated by substrates, molten polymers and adhesives, thus the environment of thermal lamination process is sticky, PTFE coated fabrics in thickness of 10mil is smooth and nonstick, great as release conveyor belt to carry these materials for laminating, surface of the final products will also be smooth.

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