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Textured PTFE Fabric Protector for Sealing

PTFE fabric protector, nonstick surface with texture, heat resistant and tear resistant.

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Detail of PTFE Fabric Protector

PTFE fabric protector MT9011A is in thickness of 0.11mm in white color, basic material is woven fiberglass fabric which provide good mechanical property of tensile strength and tear strength, coating with lower level PTFE resin, PTFE glass cloth is with texture surface while in the meantime remain its release property. Besides, the material provides high temperature resistant, electric insulation and chemical resistant.


The Advantage of PTFE Fabric Protector

  • Low and high temperature resistant -73-260 ℃(-100-500℉)

  • Good release property, provide nonstick surface in high temperature

  • Rough surface, suitable to the application requires grains impact

  • Resist to almost all chemical like solvents, acid and bases

  • High tensile strength and tear resistant

  • FDA certificated, safe to be used in food industry

The Specification of PTFE Fabric Protector

Item Code Material Thickness Max Width Normal Length Temperature resist
9011A PTFE, Fiberglass 0.11mm 1250mm 30m, 33m, 50m, 100m -73-260℃

Technical Data Sheet of PTFE Fabric Protector

Product Basic Material Coating Material
Standard Width 1000mm, 1250mm 39inches, 49inches
Thickness 0.11mm 0.0043inches
Coated Weight 140g/m2 4.13 oz/sq yd
PTFE Content 35% 35%
Tensile Strength 240 N/cm Warp 137 lbs/inches Warp
200 N/cm Weft 114 lbs/inches Weft
Temperature Resistance -73-260℃ -100-500℉

The Application of PTFE Fabric Protector

Thermoplastic films heat sealing: If you want to leave embossed sealing on your package, PTFE sheet MT9011A is a great tool because of its texture surface, just place the fabric between your welding element and thermoplastic film, the fabric impression will left on the film.

Thermoplastic Films Heat Sealing

T-shirt Heat Press Transfers

Want to make your heat transfer machine clean and extend its lifetime? A nonstick cover sheet is very important to you, normal temperature of heat transfer machine is about 320℉-350℉(160℃-177℃) which is absolutely no problem for our PTFE sheet, just place the sheet between platen and transfer vinyl, the sheet is nonstick, will prevent the vinyl film sticking platen and keep your platen clean. The cover sheet is also used inside the garment to prevent transfers from bleeding through onto the back when printing front of the garment.

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