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Accessory For PTFE Belt

Accessory For PTFE Belt Introductions

In order to customize PTFE belt successfully, quickly and quality, some accessories are required. If customers want to make PTFE belt by themselves and learn how to make it, Mutiflon can provide all the accessory for PTFE belt and teach customers way of making belts.

Red Skived PTFE Film

PTFE Thread

Kevlar Thread

F46 FEP Film

Heat Sealer Iron Machine

Accessory for PTFE belt Include

Hot press machine: Hot press machine is used to hot seal the edge of the belt and sometimes strengthen the heat-sealed joint part of the belt. The working area is in length of 1500mm, the temperature of the machine can up to 600°C, but normally we just need to set 380C to make belts.
Handle iron sealer: This small heat sealer is 1000 watts and has a sealing area of 3″ x 7.5″. The sealer has a temperature display screen to show the temperature of the platen and a 6 lb lead weight. The weight is designed to be placed on top of the heat sealer when an extra downward force is required. This sealer is recommended for sealing PTFE belting under 60 inches wide.
FEP film: FEP film is a kind of welding film working as adhesion under heat-press, it will hot melt under high temperature normally FEP film in 25mm width is required to make joint, FEP film is 40mm, 50mm and 80mm width are suitable for making edge reinforcement.
PTFE film: PTFE film is flexible, abrasion-resistant and high temperature resistant which makes it perfect as edge reinforcement, different widths are available as 40mm, 50mm, the most popular color is red, black and white are available.
Bullnose joint: bullnose joint is made of PTFE coated Kevlar mesh, the joint is porous, strong and easy to connect.
Kevlar thread: Kevlar thread is used to sew bullnose joint and tracking guide along the edge, it is one of the strongest and most heat resistant threads, about 2.5 times stronger than nylon and polyester, has very little stretch, does not melt and decomposes at 800°F.

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