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PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt 4*4mm

PTFE mesh conveyor belt 4*4mm is high performance nonstick industrial belts for heat tunnels and cooling chambers

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The Details of PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt

PTFE mesh conveyor belt is a kind of heat tunnel conveyor belt to replace common stainless steel mesh belt and polyester belt. The belt is made of fiberglass mesh coated with heavy duty PTFE coating, which offers 100% nonstick surface, high temperature resistance up to 260 ℃, chemical resistant and strong strength, it has high percentage of open area, creating maximum airflow, allow heat to pass through and reach desired temperature to drying, baking and bonding. 4mm x 4mmmesh is the most popular one. Mutiflon customize PTFE mesh belt with different edge and joints according to customers’ requests, tracking systems are also available


The Advantage of PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt

  • Withstand high temperature from -73-315°C(- 100-600°F)

  • Mesh holes offer an open area for quick drying

  • Material does not stick on the surface, just wipe clean

  • Light weight and easy to install

  • UV, microwave, IR and HF resistant

  • Superior mechanical property, dimension stable

  • Impervious to almost all chemicals

  • Food grade, can contact food directly

  • Electrical insulation and low coeffcient of friction

Mesh Size Options of PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt

603 604 608 6012 608s

Joint Options of PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt

Bullnose Joint Peek Spiral Joint Alligator Joint Clipper Joint Kevlar Hinge Joint

Edge Finish Options of PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt

Guiding Studs Kevlar Guide Cord Film Reinforcement Fabric Reinforcement

The Specifications of PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt

Item Color Mesh Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Weight(g/m2) Tensile Strength(N/5cm)±5%
Warp Weft
6003 Black 4*4 0.9 545 1350 1700
6004 Brown 0.9 545 1350 1700
6008 Brown 1 570 1800 3000
6012 Black 1 570 1800 3000
6008s Brown 1.2 630 2000 3000

The Application of PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt

Garment Silk Screen Drying – Mesh holes improve airflow to dry ink quickly under high temperature, PTFE mesh belt withstands temperature to 315℃, run smooth and provides non-stick surface, ink does not stick on the belt, easy to clean.
Food industry — PTFE mesh conveyor belt is the most suitable for food drying ovens due to its non-stick surface and food grade material. Applied in drying machines to bake cereal, pet food, to dehydrate beans before making packaged beans, to grilling beef jerky.
Screen printing industry — To transport printed paper, textile, plastic, ceramic and other materials heat ovens and cooling chambers.
For UV curing machine — PTFE mesh belt is not only heat resistant but also UV and IR resistant, perfect as conveyor belt for gloss laminating of paper, veneer laminating to MDF, curing of plywood and PVC or PU carpet titles.
Rotary Screen Printing Drying — Screen printing apply pressing printing paste or ink through mesh on a cylindrical screen onto fabric, the screen is engraved for each color and loaded into rotary screen printer for high speed and quality textile printing, PTFE mesh conveyor belt is used during the drying process.
Outdoor Rubber flooring curing – Processing recycled car tires into chips, then place the chips together with TPU on PTFE conveyor belt to transport materials to hot pressing process.
Shrink wrap conveyor– Shrink packaging machine always uses PTFE open mesh belt to convey film-encapsulated products through heat tunnel, the film will be quickly complied around the product by using this open mesh belt.

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