Technical requirements of high temperature Teflon fabrics for future industrial

With the continuous development and advancement of technology and society, the use of materials for industry is getting higher and higher, which greatly improves the R&D and innovation of enterprises, especially high temperature Teflon fabrics, which are commonly used as auxiliary materials in the industry. The requirements are different. According to Jiujiang PTFE engineers, the technical requirements for high temperature Teflon fabrics in the future industry are mainly as follows.

high temperature Teflon cloth

1. The connection of the high temperature cloth end should be simple, but the strength of the joint should not be significantly weakened, and the thickness of the joint must be the same as the thickness of other parts;

2. It is required that the high temperature cloth itself has small weight, and the tensile strength and bending strength are large;

3. The coating and glass fiber cloth of high temperature Teflon fabrics should have high mechanical impact resistance and mechanical damage resistance;

4. In order to extend the service life, the high temperature cloth should have sufficient wear resistance;

5. Due to the alternating bending load, Teflon coating and glass fiber cloth are required to have good adhesion strength to prevent peeling and tearing.

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