The application of PTFE fiber

Filtering material

PTFE fiber has an important role in high temperature flue gas filtration. With PTFE fiber or PTFE fibers mixed with other high-temperature resistant fibers, can be made from high-temperature composite filter carpet, this filter has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, friction-resistant properties, suitable for high temperature, high humidity, high viscous powder with acid or alkali, corrosive chemicals industrial fume purification, is unmatched by other filtering materials.

Medical materials
In recent years, PTFE fibers are widely used in medicine, such as can be used in artificial blood vessels, heart valves and artificial heart assist device, artificial ligaments and esophagus. In addition, PTFE fibers can also be used in general surgery and plastic surgery, surgical suture, such as the more common cosmetic surgery rhinoplasty and plastic jaw PTFE is used as fill material.

Textile industry
PTFE fibers used in the manufacture of high-performance sewing thread, heat resistance and chemical resistance and high performance requirements of other textile products, as well as bruising spelled resistance of medical textiles and wearing apparel. For example, with PTFE fibers rub sports socks in cycling and other sports, can prevent athlete’s foot, blisters.

Other applications
PTFE fibers also have a wide range of applications in other areas, such as can be used for bearings with low friction rate components, ion-exchange, packing, etc. In addition, due to their inherent low-loss dielectric constant, PTFE fibers can also be used to prepare the insulation of wires and cables, and so on.

PTFE due to its excellent performance in the fields of petrochemical and other widely used, its main carrier spinning, spinning o f cutting split method, paste extrusion spinning, melt spinning, and so on. Large manufacturers in the world such as the United States, DuPont Corporation, United Kingdom the ICI company, Japan Daikin company and Germany’s Hoechst company has mastered the technology of PTFE fibers.

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