What Temperature Can Be Supported by Teflon Tape

Teflon tape also been called Teflon adhesive tape. Its basic material is glass fiber, coated with Teflon emulsion and manufactured into Teflon fiber glass cloth after drying. A high temperature resistant adhesive tape made of silicon viscose is is coated twice.

Teflon high temperature resistance tape has the following features.

  • Non sticky.
  • High and low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance of the product for long time using up to 260 degree.
  • Low temperature resistance
  • Low friction and wear resistance.
  • Moisture resistance and high insulation

Normally we can divide Teflon tape into two temperature zone, one is temperature 260 degree, the other is 180 degree, different temperature resistance Teflon tape with different price, if you want to buy high temperature Teflon tape please find out what temperature your product will be used? If your products working temperature is less than 180 degree, and your company not very care about Teflon tape life service, then choose the 180 degree is enough, it seems a waste if you choose 260 degree in this situation. if your working temperature between 180 – 260 degree, then you must choose 260 degree.

If you need special high temperature resistant Teflon tape, there are also factory that accept customized Teflon tape, they can produce more higher temperature resistant Teflon tape according to client requirement.