Teflon Coated Fiberglass Cloth will be used in more areas in the future

Teflon Coated Fiberglass Cloth is a new type of composite material made of high performance fiberglass cloth and Teflon emulsion processed at a specified high temperature. Teflon fabric product is stable and has excellent anti-corrosion, anti-adhesion, high temperature resistance, insulation and other functions. It can be used as insulation material or food-grade high temperature resistant non-adhesive material.

The Teflon fabric has a stable dimension, which can meet the demand of customers in almost all industries. For special requirements, Teflon fabric can be cut directly. It can be completed quickly with only one worker, which is extremely convenient to deal with.

Teflon Coated Fiberglass Cloth

Excellent acid corrosion resistance: Teflon Coated Fiberglass Cloth can be used normally in strong acid and alkali environments without corrosion. In terms of the cost of materials, more industries will use Teflon fabric in the future. PTFE cloth will be widely applied in strong acid and alkali environment.

Outstanding non-stick characteristics: Teflon Coated Fiberglass Cloth is easy to clean when exposed to oil or oil stains and is widely used in the food industry. The non-stick Teflon fabric has a low friction coefficient on the machine and has good insulation. It will not generate excessive friction heat when using Teflon coated Fiberglass cloth. For enterprises engaged in production and processing, the using of Teflon fabric is safer than traditional materials.

Along with the development of all walks of life, the high performance of mass production of glass fiber cloth, high temperature processing technology progress and upgrade, Teflon coated fiberglass cloth production will further expand, the effect of scale, market price of cloth will be much cheaper, in turn, lead to more industry to use Teflon fabric, Teflon coated fiberglass cloth will be applied in more areas in the future.

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